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About GMC Covers

About GMC Truck Covers

General Motors was founded by William C. Durant in 1908, as a holding company for Buick. A year later GM purchased the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company, forming the basis of the General Motors Truck Company, from which the "GMC Truck" brand name was derived. In 2007, GMC became GM's second-largest-selling North American vehicle division after Chevrolet.

GMC truck models include the full size Sierra and the mid-size Canyon. GMCs pickups are surprisingly economical, with prices starting in the teens and MPG as high as 23 on the highway. In both lines of pickup trucks the Z71 suspension and all-wheel drive is available. Today, GMC's trucks are known for both their durability and reliability.

General Motors has long been a leader in onboard electronics. Whether you need emergency help or simple information, the OnStar service on Sierras and Canyons is remarkably comprehensive. Bluetooth, mp3 capability and navigation systems all make life easier on the road. With a Sierra Denali, you'll enjoy many of the same advanced features that Yukon and Acadia Denalis offer, including magnetic ride control, leather and touch screen navigation.

Whether you've got a Canyon work truck or a Sierra one ton dually, Empire can help you to protect your investment with GMC truck covers. We've got GMC covers for long bed or short bed, extended or crew. Confidence runs high when purchasing an Empire cover for a GMC truck. Our warranties are always at least two years in duration. Some covers even carry 10 year warranties. Cover fabrics are always scratch-free and breathable. An elastic hem in included in all covers for further security.


Rated 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
  • Works just as advertised by Aunt B Rating: 5 star rating 5 out of 5
    This tarp covers my 1968 GMC truck that has to sit outside. The cover is light weight and rated for all weather. I'm hoping the material really is tough, and holds up long term in the elements, for the price, as this is the first cover purchased. So far, everything is as advertised and I'm pleased.
  • Keeps Water out and Truck Dry by 72GMCTruck Rating: 4 star rating 4 out of 5
    This cover does its job and keeps you car/truck dry underneath.