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About DODGE Covers

About Dodge Truck Covers

John and Horace Dodge got their start by making car parts for Ford. In 1900, they formed the Dodge Brother's Company, introducing their own car in 1914 and their first truck during World War I. The first Dodge Model 30 was introduced as an upscale Ford Model T. This vehicle was rated at 35 horsepower (a powerful engine at the time) and included a full-steel body construction and sliding gear transmission. As a result, Dodge quickly became known for its power and luxury.

Today's Dodge Ram engines have ten times the horsepower as the Model 30. U.S. The Ram's advanced suspension gives it a smooth, car-like ride making it a great full size pickup for your money. Ram trucks have also been named Motor Trend magazine's "Truck of the Year" four times. The Dakota is one of the most powerful mid-size pickups available. Its combination of power and handling makes it a popular off road vehicle, typically used by police and fire fighters. The Dakota was nominated for the North American "Truck of the Year" award in 2000.

Whether you are looking at Dodge truck covers for your Dakota or for your Ram, Empire has you covered. Many of today's Dodge trucks, like the Laramie edition, are known for their luxurious interior. Be sure to keep the exterior of your truck looking just as spotless with one of our Dodge truck covers.

All of these features are included in our covers for Dodge trucks:

  • Elastic hem
  • Non-abrasive
  • Great warranties
  • Storage pouch
  • Water resistance

Covers are customized based on bed length, cab size, cap, and even model year. All covers are made of non-abrasive fabrics to avoid scratches. Every Empire cover includes at least a two year warranty. Top-of-the-line covers carry 10 year warranties. We also offer convenient storage pouches to keep your Dodge truck cover clean and protected when not in use.


Rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 4 ratings
  • fits like a well worn glove by chuckles Rating: 5 star rating 5 out of 5
    The cover fit the Dodge Ram far better than I expected.
  • Ultimate waterproof truck cover by thebryguy49 Rating: 5 star rating 5 out of 5
    I have a 2013 Ram 4dr dual real wheel 8 ft bed. I was worried about fit. When my wife and I installed the cover we were both very happy with the fit. full elastic bottom.
  • Cover protects vehicle finish by Hemi Girl Rating: 4 star rating 4 out of 5
    Our truck is outside and I wanted a product to help preserve the paint finish & keep the truck clean. This product does both. Please see the service/delivery comments: I reinforced the antenna patch by sewing it down with upholstery thread. I also reinforced the font and back straps by sewing over each factory sewn location. The back strap on the original cover had come off on the original cover
  • This is an outstanding product! by Fatman Rating: 5 star rating 5 out of 5
    This is an outstanding product. The cover fits like a perfect glove for my 2002 Dodge Quad Cab. I'll buy again for my 1999 Honda Accord Sedan