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Product Testing

At Empire Covers, we scientifically test our products to ensure that they consistently perform as advertised. Our Research and Development team has developed protocols to measure our covers’ effectiveness against the very elements that could damage your investment. These protocols involve the use of ASTM standards and very precise scientific equipment, as outlined in each report.

Waterproof Test

In this test, we investigated the water-resistance and repellency of several covers. Our test method measured the car covers’ resistance to the penetration of water under hydrostatic pressure, both on the cloth samples and seams. Additional samples were subjected to a spray test and a rain test.

UV Weather Test

Exposure to outdoor climates has a particularly adverse effect on most types of surfaces, car covers included. To ascertain the weather-resistant properties of four covers, we subjected fabric samples to cycles of high UV radiation, moisture, and temperature, and then measured the material and cross-material tensile strength of each.

Interior Temperature Test

On a 90 degree day, a closed car’s interior can reach a staggering 138 degrees. We tested the temperature protection offered by eight different covers, as well as a windshield mounted reflector. Our methodology included outfitting 4 adjacent cars with custom-built temperature, humidity, and light sensor, as well as data loggers to capture all the data.

Scratch Test

A car cover is only as good as the surface that comes in direct contact with the car’s exterior. In this test, we tested the interior cloth of six different covers, with 150 grit sand paper used as a control. We then custom built a scratch-testing device and vibrated each material against a finished plate of 18 gauge steel at 45 lbs. of pressure.