Sunbrella® Acrylic

Sunbrella® is a trademarked brand of woven acrylic fibers manufactured by Glen Raven, Inc. DuPont created the first acrylic fibers in 1941 but wasn’t commercially significant until the 1950’s when it was commonly used as a replacement for cotton. Acrylic is soft, warm and lightweight and is commonly used in sweaters and linings for boots and winter gloves. Acrylic is solution dyed where the colorant is melted into the fiber when the fiber is synthesized instead of the end fabric being dip dyed. The solution dying process makes the end fabric highly resistant to fading from the sun, and washable with bleach without losing color. Acrylic fibers have a low stretch, high strength, and high resistance to degradation in the sun, and from exposure to the elements.

This mix of features makes Sunbrella® acrylic a great choice for premium boat covers. The fabric is soft, water resistant, durable, fade resistant, strong and durable against abrasion. Sunbrella® Acrylic can be coated for increased water resistance and have topical fabric finishes applied for surface water repellency.

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