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Mooring Boat Covers

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Protection On & Off The Water
Cover while mooring or towing
Offering a 4 year warranty
600 Denier Polyester
With security in mind

Triton Mooring Boat Cover

  • Cover your boat while docked
  • Nylon rope ratchet system for secure mooring
  • Heavy Duty Marine Grade 600 Denier Polyester
  • Strap and buckle system for trailering
  • Double Stitched Taped Seams for extreme durability
Breathable to prevent mold and mildew
The Triton mooring cover provides protection against all weather and can easily be installed while mooring or on land. The nylon rope and iron ratchet system has 150lbs max tension to ensure a secure fit on the water, while the strap and buckle system make trailering a breeze.
Mooring Vs. Towing

Why choose a cover for mooring and a cover for towing when you can get both for the price of one? The Triton mooring cover is a multi-purpose cover that allows you the option to protect your boat while docked or while on land. Our snapless cover uses a rope and ratchet system that make it easy to protect your boat so that the next time you use it, it's as easy as uncovering and setting sail. For towing, we have our top and bottom straps that keep your boat protected while on the road. Whether on water or land, the Triton mooring cover helps protect the things you love.

Triton Mooring Cover Product Features
Double Stitched Taped Seams
The combination of double stitching and taping our seams allows your cover to endure extreme weather. This seam keeps your boat protected from rain, snow, and more.
Nylon Rope and Iron Ratchet System
Our rope and ratchet system allows you to easily cover your boat while on the water! Simply dock your boat, place the cover on and tighten the strap for a snug and secure fit.
Buckle and Strap System
The buckle and strap system helps tighten the cover to your boat so you can trailer safely and securely.
Marine Grade Polyester
The 600 denier marine grade polyester is strong, durable, and breathable. The heavy duty fabric keeps your boat protected and the breathable material prevents mold and mildew.
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