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Golf Cart Covers Buying Guide

About EmpireCovers Golf Cart Covers

Golf carts are a great way to get from point A to point B or from the 8th hole to the 9th. However, like any vehicle, golf carts are vulnerable to outdoor weather conditions. Keep your cart in new condition by protecting it with one of Empire's golf cart storage covers. For those who play winter golf or use your cart during inclement weather, we have drivable covers that will help keep you warm and dry!


All of our golf cart covers are made from water resistant polyester. Our covers will protect against rain, sun, dirt and other weather induced damage. We offer golf cart covers that are designed for long-term, off season storage, as well as covers that are design to keep you protected in unsavory weather conditions.

Our Heavy Duty Storage cover is great for all weather protection. This cover will repel rain, sun and other harmful elements, keeping your golf cart protected year-round.

Our Vision Guard is great for protection on and off the golf course. This cover comes with a transparent four sided window panel, so that you can drive the golf cart while it is covered. With our Vision Guard cover you can worry less about the rain and more about the game.

All Our Golf Cart Covers Feature:

  • Water resistant polyester
  • Designed to fit most two-person golf carts
  • Will repel rain, sun, dirt & other harmful elements
  • Guaranteed under a 2 or 3 year warranty to remain durable over time

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Our semi-custom golf cart covers are all in stock and ready to ship! Most covers will ship the business day following the date of your order. Our economy shipping will be sent through FedEx Ground or FedEx SmartPost. We also have expedited shipping available. Shipping question? Call us today at 888.872.6855