Cover Security Kit Plus

Cover Security Kit Plus

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Features & Description

Everything you need to care for your vehicle and cover - in one convenient package. Gust Guards help secure your cover and prevent billowing in windy conditions. A secure cable lock set prevents theft and includes strong coated steel cable and padlock with keys, Super Shine microfiber towels to keep your vehicle free of dirt and dust before covering it, and a convenient mesh storage bag to store it all.

Gust Guard clamps attach to your cover in the front and rear and use strong bungees to keep your cover from billowing or blowing off in windy conditions. Your cable lock can be quickly and easily attached through your vehicle cover's grommets, and secured with the included padlock. Our Super Shine Microfiber towels are machine washable and perfect for dust removal, washing or drying your car, windows or dash with a scratch and streak-free finish. Our mesh storage bag has an adjustable closure and will keep your cover and accessories dry and mildew--free.

  • -Gust Guards (2 Pk)
  • Cable lock set
  • Super Shine MicrofiberTowels (3 pk)
  • Mesh Storage Bag

Product Weight: Approximately 1.92 lbs

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