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About Your VOLKSWAGEN Jetta Cover

The Volkswagen Jetta literally started out as a Volkswagen Golf with a trunk added to the rear. The model became an almost immediate success, coming to dominate the United States’ European import category. But for over 30 years the model has been evolving, selling more than 7 million units worldwide since its 1979 debut.

Five generations later, it’s offered with five different engine options including turbocharged gasoline, diesel, or hybrid, your choice of sedan or wagon body style, and automatic or manual transmissions. Depending on options selected, the Jetta can be anything from an $18k economy car to a $30k+ wonder of German engineering that’s practically an entry-level luxury model.

But whether it’s the German engineering, the uniquely Euro styling and interior, or the high quality-to-price ratio, the Volkswagen Jetta has gained quite a dedicated following. And for Jetta owners who’d like to maintain their car’s good looks, EmpireCovers is the trusted resource. That’s because our Jetta car covers are scientifically proven to protect your car’s finish against damaging wind and precipitation, while shielding the interior from heat and UV rays. We even have Jetta car covers for garage-kept models that protect against common garage hazards like dirt and scratches.