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About SUZUKI Covers

About Suzuki

Suzuki is the fourth largest automobile corporation headquartered in Japan, and it is the second largest manufacturer in Japan of small cars and trucks. The history of Suzuki cars began in 1909 with patents for weaving looms, and after succeeding in this endeavor, Suzuki started the production of building small cars. Suzuki gets its name from its founder, Michio Suzuki.

From 1937 when Suzuki completed his first prototypes, to the present year of 2012, Suzuki has proved itself as atop contender in the automobile industry. This company has made great strides over the years in introducing new products for its line of motorized vehicles. Recently, Suzuki has began to produce eco-cars to keep up with the demand for environmentally friendly, fuel efficient vehicles.

About Suzuki Car Covers provides top notch covers that protect externally by providing year round protection against bird droppings, dirt, rain, ice and snow. In locations where high winds are common, our covers will protect your Suzuki, Subaru or Toyota against debris that can cause unsightly scratches. Our products not only provide excellent protection externally, they also protect internally against harmful UV rays to the dash and interior of the car.