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About SHELBY Covers

About Shelby Classic Cars

Shelby Classic cars have a rich history. The creator, Carol Shelby, put his iconic mark on his project. His iconic brand changed the automotive world and brought racing inspired muscle cars to the world of everyday commuting. Carol Shelby was born and raised in Texas and served as a flight instructor outside of San Antonio during World War II. He once raced while placing nitroglycerin pills underneath his tongue as he tried to fend off a heart attack, placing third in the 200-mile race. His love for machinery, speed and design joined with his passion for racing, resulted in a passion for automobiles. His designs are a direct link from the showroom to the racetrack for many automobile enthusiasts and drivers.

His automotive passion is directly translated into performance cars developed for several manufactures. These include the AC Cars Shelby Cobra, the Ford Mustang Cobra's and the Dodge Shelby Chargers and Dodge Vipers. His lines of performance parts have been used with several brands by a variety of manufactures.

About Shelby Car Covers

Covers are needed to protect the paint and car from harsh seasonal elements. When one thinks about Shelby cars classics, the line of Shelby Cobras and Ford's Shelby Mustangs come to mind. However, covers for all brands and years are available to cover your Shelby or classic Ford. Utilize our car selection tool to browse more covers.