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About ROLLS-ROYCE Covers

Rolls-Royce, England’s Luxury Brand

In the year 1904, the automotive industry was just beginning to gain traction worldwide. One of the most defining partnerships of the automotive industry in England began when Henry Royce designed and built his first car; the two-cylinder Royce 10. This vehicle garnered the interest of car and motor enthusiast Charles Rolls. On May 4, 1904, the two men came together to create one of the most luxurious and renowned automobile brands to date, Rolls-Royce.

The history of Rolls-Royce had only begun, when in 1906 Rolls-Royce Limited was formed and the company's first factory was designed and built. The factory was completed in 1908 and Rolls-Royce went on to develop several luxury vehicles; from three cylinders to eight cylinders.

Rolls-Royce purchased rival Bentley in 1931 when the company could no longer keep afloat during the great depression. From then on, vehicles from both brands shared many parts to widen the variety of cars offered and keep costs down.

After the company’s financial collapse, Rolls Royce was purchased by the English government. After several years, England sold the company to Vickers plc. In 1998 the brand was sold jointly to Volkswagen and BMW. After 2003, Volkswagen solely acquired Bentley while BMW acquired the Rolls-Royce brand.

About Rolls-Royce Car Covers

Now that you've had a little history lesson about Rolls-Royce, you may wonder: what's the best way to protect MY history defining vehicle? The best way to protect your investment is with our Rolls-Royce covers. Our semi-custom fit covers are guaranteed to protect that luxurious shine for many years, without breaking the bank. Find other high quality covers using our selector, or shop for similar models such as Ferrari or Mercedes Benz.


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