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About RENAULT Covers

About Renault Cars

Renault, an automotive partner of Nissan, is a French based car manufacturer known for not only producing high quality automobiles, but also trucks and commercial vehicles. From its start in 1899, Renault has led the French automotive market with innovations in auto engineering. As well as a lucrative partnership with Nissan, Renault also owns the automotive company Dacia. Renault also races in Formula 1.

Renault was formed by the Renault brothers, named Louis, Marcel and Fernand. The three bright, young professionals were extremely skilled in engineering, business and design. The brothers started the company's participation in motor sports, and were extremely invested until brother Marcel was killed racing in 1903. The Renault Company still raced, but the brothers participated from a distance.

Eventually, just Louis, the most engineer savvy of the brothers, acquired ownership. Louis led the company into other forms of auto production by creating commercial vehicles and military grade vehicles. Renault also built airplanes, buses and tanks. By WWII, Renault was an extremely successful company. However, the company was seized by Nazi Germany, and further damage led Renault to cease production until 1944. Further circumstances led Renault to hand over the company to Pierre Lefaucheux, as Louis was later arrested for suspicion of aiding German war efforts. The company would continue to fluctuate in success over the years, stabilizing in recent years.

Since, Renault has revitalized itself as a modern, innovation automotive company. The company expanded worldwide, forging partnerships with Volvo, Peugeot automotive company, American Motors, Mercedes Benz and many more.

About Renault Car Covers

For any classic, vintage or imported vehicle, maintenance is a necessity. Find covers for your vehicle by shopping by auto dimensions, or by utilizing our make and model selector.


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  • It is wonderful! Fits perfectly. by Shirley the bow Rating: 5 star rating 5 out of 5
    Love the car cover. It is easy to put on the car. I do it myself, pretty good for a 70 year old woman!!! Hold up during the rain and dries quickly. We love it.