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About PASSPORT Covers

About Passport Cars

Passport, a car distributor based in Canada, was a small car company that was founded in 1988, and dissolved by 1991, only a few short years later. The automotive company was short lived, but however, helped to contribute to the General Motors brand. GM, a multinational car company, is one of the largest and best known car companies to date.

About Passport Car Covers carries covers for any Passport vehicle, in addition to high-quality Isuzu and Saab covers. To look through our various cover selections, browse by make, model and year or search by dimensions. No matter the make of your vehicle, Empire is dedicated to finding the best possible cover for your needs.


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  • empire covers are second To none ! by POOKY Rating: 5 star rating 5 out of 5
    i have since bought one for my wife, we use ours inside to keep the cats off the vehicles. The thickness is great. the cats cant penetrate it, dust doesnt get under them. THE ELASTIC ALL AROUND IS PERFECT. !!!