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About MAZDA Covers

About Mazda Cars

Mazda was founded as a machine tool company in 1920, entering the car market in the early 1930s with a number of light automobiles. After producing aircraft and tanks for the Japanese army in WWII, Mazda shifted to light, cheap sports cars designed primarily for export to America and Europe. Described as "the most Western Japanese car company" (they are headquartered in far southwest Japan) they are most famous for producing the Mazda Miata, which is more like a traditional British roadster than a Japanese sports car.

Any discussion about Mazda will invariably focus on their use of rotary engines. The discussion about Mazda and their rotary engines focuses primarily on the RX-7, which was produced in the late 90s and early 00s to world acclaim. The Miata is the most popular car produced by Mazda. Although now rebranded as the RX-5, the Miata has been in production since the early 90s and is highly respected as being a fun British-styled roadster unlike any other.

About Mazda Car Covers

Mazda car covers often integrate rotary engine design elements into their decoration; so that when you cover your Mazda people still know that you are using a rotary engine. Other covers accentuate the smooth curves and delicate styling so that when you cover your Mazda, you can still clearly see what model is being protected, sometimes right down to the year of manufacture. Find covers for your Mazda, Isuzu or Nissan at


Rated 4.5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings
  • Decent product by Mebert Rating: 4 star rating 4 out of 5
    Repells rain well.
  • A quality product by Dennis Rating: 5 star rating 5 out of 5
    Easy to strap down the front and back using the 2 adjustable straps that are included. The string that is provided for the center tie down is to thin and difficult to pass under the vehicle. The soft material that touches the car is nice and prevents scratches.
  • Grey Max Car Cover is excellent by Markr Rating: 5 star rating 5 out of 5
    I have used this product to cover my car for quite a while now under a carport and it has completely protected the cars finish from moisture, snow, and very little dust which can blow under the cover in a stiff wind. Great protection
  • This is a quality product. by Mike Rating: 4 star rating 4 out of 5
    Great Product easy to install Fits perfect The only down side is the color faded on the cover after about a month in the sun