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About MAYBACH Covers

About Maybach Cars

Maybach-Manufaktur, a luxury automobile company based in Germany, has been producing vehicles since 1909. After WWII, the company ceased building cars, and wasn't revived until 1997 by new owner Daimler-Benz, who also created the Mercedes-Benz brand. Hoping to gain a presence in the luxury automotive industry, Benz had partnerships with celebrity brand ambassadors such as Jay-Z. With prices starting in the $300,000s, Benz was dedicated to engineering automobiles for an exclusive clientele. However, the company chose to cease production on the Maybach cars by 2013.

About Maybach Car Covers

For any valuable car, a durable, long-lasting cover is crucial. Vintage and luxury automobiles such as the Maybach and Mercedes-Benz need constant upkeep and maintenance to maintain their sleek, sophisticated look. Investing in indoor or outdoor Maybach car covers are a great way to keep your luxury car protected and road ready.

Looking for a similar model? Empire has covers for similar Maybach models, such as BMW and Audi. Browse our innovative selector to compare all of our materials.


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