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About MASERATI Covers

About Maserati Cars

The history of Maserati goes back almost an entire century. The six Maserati brothers, all born in the town of Voghera in northern Italy, started working on cars in the very early 1900s. On December 1, 1914 the Maserati car manufacturing company was founded in Bologna, Italy. The Tipo 26, made in 1926, is often considered the first true Maserati car.

The first few Maserati models became famous for their performance as race cars, often winning Italian car race competitions with their speed and drivability. In 1937 the Orsi family purchased the Masarati brothers' share of the company, and Masarati headquarters moved to its current location in Modena, Italy.

By this time all of Europe about Maserati's prowess in the racing world, and about Maserati's world-class design and manufacturing as the brand continues to both grow in popularity and evolve in design with increasingly powerful engines.

In 1993 Maserati was acquired by Fiat, another legendary Italian car company. Maserati and Fiat seemed like a natural fit, and since then Maserati and Fiat have worked together to continue the innovation and meticulous, powerful design that such a huge part of the history of Maserati and its legacy.

About Maserati Car Covers

If you own one of these amazing machines, of course you have to keep it properly protected. If you're looking for Maserati, Ferrari, or BMW covers, you'll find a wide selection of covers at that will provide an ideal fit and outstanding protection for your vehicle.