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About LAND ROVER Covers

About Land Rovers

Land Rover was established and headquartered in Gaydon, Warwickshire, United Kingdom. A British car manufacturer, Land Rover specializes in luxury four-wheel drive all-terrain vehicles. Owned by Tata Motors, an Indian company, Land Rover is one of the oldest four-wheel drive car brand in the world, second only to Jeep.

The history of Land Rovers began in 1947 when Maurice Wilks, now chief designer at the Rover Company, decided to model a vehicle after an American jeep used during World War II during a summer spent on his farm in Wales. He used a Jeep chassis and axles to build the first Land Rover prototype.

The history of Land Rovers originated with the Land Rover name being specific to one model, simply named the Land Rover. The Land Rover was created by Rover in 1948 and through the course of time developed into other models as well. The most popular of these models are the Discovery, Range Rover and Range Rover Sport. In 2009 alone, Land Rover sold 194,000 vehicles worldwide.

Land Rover is well known for its ability to navigate over rough terrain and is often owned by people who love the outdoors, often in extreme temperatures. To learn more about Land Rovers, you should start by visiting a Land Rover dealership today.

About Land Rover Covers

A good option to have if you own a Land Rover is a SUV or 4x4 cover. Land Rover Covers are made especially for the make and model of your car or truck. A Land Rover is a major investment and should be protected from harmful indoor and outdoor elements. Shop for Land Rover, BMW or Bentley covers, or by make and model.