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About LANCIA Covers

About Lancia

The Lancia is a stylish, elegant Italian car. The company was founded in 1906 by Vincenzo Lancia. They manufactured racing and military/industrial vehicles. The modern model of this classic auto is sleek, understated and well-built.

Individual motorists noticed how sporty the Lambda and Aprilia models were and entered them into racing events in the early 1900s. The cars performed quite well. Lancia backed four Aurelia B21s that participated in the Tour of Sicily in 1951. They won the first four places in their class. The first Lancia military vehicle was the 1Z. It was utilized during the Libyan campaign in 1912. Three years later the Jota and the Djota were used in World War I. They both had more carrying capacity than the 1Z. The first industrial model was the 1Z light lorry.

About Lancia Car Covers

Today's version of this Italian masterpiece requires a Lancia car cover for total protection. Our Lancia Car Covers protect the Lancia from sun, rain, snow and dust for indoor and outdoor use. Shop for your Italian classic Lancia, Lamborghini, or Ferrari, or find your make using our innovative selector.