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About LADA Covers

About Lada Cars

The Lada is a Russian vehicle produced by AvtoVAZ. It has been around in the Soviet Union since June 1970 and has remained in production. Although the vehicle never came to the United States, it did to prove to be a rather popular vehicle throughout Eastern Europe. Lada has produced several different vehicles, ranging from two door coupes to SUVs. The vehicle has also been imported to different countries throughout the world, including Australia. Australia imports a small number of the Russian built SUVs, although it has to compete heavily with brands built by GM and Ford, which makes up a far larger amount of sales than what the Russian import does.

About Lada Car Covers

If you own a Lada vehicle, no matter the year or the model, it is important to protect the vehicle while it is not driven. This is done with the help of a Lada car cover. When you cover your Lada between drives, it prevents dirt and dust from collecting on the vehicle, and helps avoid rusting. This is especially helpful when you only drive the Lada a few times a month or less, as more debris piles up during this time.

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