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About ISUZU Covers

About Isuzu Cars

Rooted in the prowess of the shipbuilding industry of Japan and named after a sacred river, Isuzu continues to provide the world with rugged vehicles.

It was 1916 when Japanese shipbuilder Tokyo Ishikawajima teamed up with Tokyo Gas and Electric to provide automobiles to consumers. A Wolseley model A-9 was the first vehicle off the line in 1922. This truck was Isuzu’s foundation. In 1934, the company's success dictated a new name. Inspired by the spirit of nobility and reverence which imbued the Isuzu River, company leaders re-branded their venture to reflect those qualities.

Isuzu trucks powered much of Japan’s rebuilding effort after World War II. Increased success at home led to worldwide expansion, with South Africa becoming Isuzu’s second largest market. Today, Isuzu continues to make inroads on every continent by manufacturing rugged and durable trucks with impressive gas mileage.

About Isuzu Car Covers

A vehicle that reflects the sacred attributes of the Isuzu River should receive good treatment. Isuzu car covers from Empire Covers protect your investment from damaging sun, wind, snow and rain. Our covers are engineered for a proper fit allowing you to easily cover your Isuzu. Guaranteed to block out moisture and ultra violet rays, Isuzu car covers provide a protective cocoon. The integrated elastic band around the bottom of the cover ensures a tight fit for complete protection. also carries high-quality covers for similar models such as Toyota,Infiniti and Mitsubishi.


Rated 4 out of 5 based on 1 rating
  • Great cover. by Firekat Rating: 4 star rating 4 out of 5
    Used for new car, in carport. Rear end of car is still exposed to outdoors and rain does get through the cover where the back of the car sticks out from the carport. Otherwise it is a great product. Protects from dust and tree debris. Also protects car from neighborhood cat who likes to SLEEP on MY CAR!! Easy to get on and off. Really like the tags for FRONT and BACK of car, so I can figur