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About DAEWOO Covers

About Daewoo Cars

The South Korea Daewoo group was founded in March 1967, and was eventually discontinued by the auto giant GM in 2011. For decades, the Daewoo Group was the second largest selling auto conglomerate in Korea, behind Hyundai. The Asian financial crises that hit in the 1990s was the catalyst that caused the demise of this great car; yet prior to that exit, the history of Daewoo cars was able to show sales of over 900,000 vehicles worldwide.

About Daewoo Car Covers

Whether you choose or currently drive a Lanos, Leganza, or a Nubria, you should always cover your Daewoo. For Lanos, being a small car, the cost for a Daewoo car cover should be pocket-change. Daewoo covers are available for indoor and outdoor protection, breathable and waterproof. Find the best cover material for your needs by using our innovative selector, or shop by dimensions.

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