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About ASUNA Covers

About Asuna Cars

Whether you've heard of Asuna or not, you're probably familiar with the owner of the car manufacturer: General Motors. Many companies of the world have vehicles that are essential Chevrolets, just with a different manufacturer badge. This is the case with Asuna, as the Asuna brand is the Geo counterpart for Canada. The Asuna car brand first made its appearance in 1991. Eventually, the lineup was merge into Pontiac in 1995, as Pontiac saw an increase in sales and popularity in sales. However, That couldn't save either Asuna or Pontiac, as Pontiac is not a defunct car manufacture under the GM label.

Because the sale of the Geo was high in the early 1990s, General Motors Canada decided to make and market similar products inside Canada with its own model name, which is where the Asuna came into play.

Do you still need to cover Asuna cars? Although Asunas are no longer in production, there is a lot to know about maintaining them. Asuna car covers are a great way to protect your stored Asuna, whether the classic car is stored indoors or parked outdoors. At, you'll find a variety of affordable, high-quality covers for any car, including Asuna, GMC automobile, and more.


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