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About AMC Covers

About AMC

The American Motor Corporation, also known as AMC, had a unique and somewhat tragic past. AMC car history is filled with stories of high quality vehicles that failed to catch on with consumers. Although innovative cars like the Rambler and Gremlin were popular with their drivers, any history about AMC cars will reveal a number of stinging (and sometimes false) reviews in major auto magazines of the day.

The primary focus of AMC was to try and be a "different car company" while still carting to the uniqueness of the American market. Cars like the Marlin and the AMX appealed to muscle car enthusiasts, while cars like the Pacer, Gremlin and Spirit were light cars intended to appeal to those interested in low prices and fuel economy. AMC is also most famous for producing the Jeep for most of its run, from the 1950s until the business's collapse in 1985. The collapse of the company and its purchase by General Motors led to an upsurge in value for AMC collectibles.

Why do you need an AMC Cover? Do you have a vintage Rambler or Gremlin? has covers that will provide excellent all-weather protection for your authentic AMC vehicle. To look through our variety of cover materials, browse by the dimensions of your AMC, or use the selector. We also have many other covers for classic vehicles by Ford, or vintage Cadillac cars.