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Car cover buying guide

Our car covers are designed to protect your vehicle from harmful elements. From indoor car covers that will keep your stored antique or classic car looking new to outdoor car covers that will defend against damaging weather conditions, we offer the best protection at the lowest rates. Our covers will fit any vehicle and budget. Select your vehicle’s make, model and year to find the perfect fitting cover today.

Waterproof Covers

Rain and snow contain pollutants that can cause damage to your vehicle. When left out in the rain for long periods of time, your car will become much more prone to rust and corrosion. Heavy snow can also add extreme amounts of pressure to your vehicle's exterior and accelerate the corrosion process.

A waterproof cover will act as an impermeable barrier between external water and your vehicle. When purchasing a waterproof cover look for materials that are water-resistant. Fabrics like Endura Plus™ and polypropylene, or fabrics that have been treated with special waterproof coating, are especially effective at repelling water. These materials are also fully breathable. Unlike a tarp, breathable covers are designed to expel trapped water, preventing the growth of mold.

Sun-Proof Covers

Vehicles that are left out in hot, dry climates, will eventually suffer from the effects of the sun's harmful rays. High temperatures and UV rays can slowly wear away and dull your paint job. The hot sun will also warp and crack your interior dashboard.

The best solution for hot climates is to protect your car with a cover that is UV-treated. UV-treated materials are designed specifically to shield against the sun. Sun-proof covers should also have reflective properties and should be lighter in color. All of our Titan line of covers offer UV treated polypropylene that is not only sun-blocking, but waterproof as well.

Outdoor Covers

When your car, truck, station wagon, van, or SUV sits parked outdoors, there are a number of elements that can scratch, dent, or dull your vehicle's paint and finish. Dust can become abrasive and scratch your vehicle. Bird droppings can stick to your car's paint, making it difficult to remove without damage. Over time, wind, rain and snow can wear away your paint's finish and make it look dull. Trees can drop acorns, sap, and pollen, all which can stain, dent, or scratch your car. With an outdoor car cover, you can protect your vehicle from these and other damaging elements. Outdoor covers should be weather resistant and should feature a multi-layer design to provide total weather protection. Effective outdoor covers are often made from a blend of durable fabrics. Our Titan line of covers combine a waterproof film with multiple layers of spun-bond polypropylene, a lightweight, waterproof fabric that is also breathable.

Indoor Covers

You may think that your vehicle is safe from harm in your garage or storage unit; however your vehicle is just as vulnerable to damage parked indoors as it is parked outdoors. Vehicles stored indoors collect dust and dirt, which can become abrasive to your vehicle's finish, causing tiny scratches. Pets and other animals that may hide out in your garage or storage area may damage your vehicle as well. To provide indoor protection for your car, truck, station wagon, van, or SUV from potential damage indoors, shield it with an indoor car cover. Indoor car covers should pamper your vehicle's paint. Look for covers made from non-abrasive materials, like nylon. As always, indoor covers should also be breathable to prevent mold, mildew and the buildup of condensation. All of our outdoor covers are suitable as indoor covers, too – which is great if you’re parking your car in an area that could get wet, like a carport, barn or garage. Designed specifically for indoor use only, our Titan Indoor cover features a nylon fabric outer layer (think: track pants), lined with soft fleece to protect your paint.

All Our Car Covers Feature:

  • Antenna Patch:An easy to apply patch is included to accommodate any antenna.
  • Non-Abrasive Lining: Each cover features a non-abrasive inner lining that will not scratch or harm your vehicle's surface.
  • Elastic Hem: An elastic hem is used in our covers to secure them tightly to your vehicle.
  • Storage Pouch: A free pouch is included with every cover to ensure quick and easy storage.
  • Free Warranty: All of our covers are backed by a 2 to 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.