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100% Waterproof Car Covers

Over time, exposure to rain, salt air or moisture may cause corrosion and rust to form on your vehicle. A durable, waterproof cover not only protects it from water-related damage, but also from tree sap, leaves, pollen, bird droppings, dust, dirt and debris. EmpireCovers’ semi-custom waterproof covers fit 99% of vehicles, and are easy to put on and remove. With 100% waterproof protection, your vehicle will look like new for years to come! Fits cars, trucks, SUVs, station wagons, hatchbacks, and vans.

Our research and development team thoroughly tested our outdoor covers for water resistance and water repellency, and found that even under high pressure, the seams prevented water penetration and our tough fabrics prevented wetting and sticking. For more information, read our waterproof cover test.

To keep your vehicle safe and dry, give it the protection it deserves. Our waterproof car covers are covered by the longest warranties on the internet. To start protecting your vehicle from rain and snow call 888.872.6855 .

Here are a few of our waterproof car covers for sale that can be used for moisture protection:

American Armor Cover: Ultra lightweight and ultra-soft, the American Armor will repel sun and rain while pampering your paint. The cover is 100% waterproof, and features an incredibly soft inner lining. The tough Dupont™ Tyvek® outer layer stands up to strong UV rays and downpours. Like all of our covers, it features a full elastic hem and grommets for fit and security, and is breathable to prevent mold and mildew growth. This cover comes with a free 10-year warranty.

Titan 5L Ultimate Waterproof Cover: We've taken our years of cover experience and created the ultimate outdoor/indoor cover with 5 layers ultrasonically welded together to ensure 100% waterproof protection. Our Titan 5L Ultimate Waterproof car cover is UV resistant, waterproof and fully breathable, but has a soft fabric-like feel. The cover's inner fleece layer is nonabrasive to your vehicle's finish. This cover is ideal for all-weather protection, including rain, sun, snow, dust and dirt. This cover comes with a free 7 year warranty.

Titan 4L Max Waterproof Cover: A great all-purpose cover, the Titan 4L Max Waterproof Cover features four layers of ultrasonically welded waterproof material that blocks rain, snow, sun, dust and dirt. Its soft fleece inner-most layer will not scratch your paint. The Titan 4L is also fully breathable to prevent mold and mildew growth. The included strap and buckle system and full elastic hem help keep the cover in place on any vehicle. The Titan 4L also includes a free 5 year warranty.

Titan 3L Basic Waterproof Cover: When it comes to water protection, you want a cover that will repel 100% of the water, 100% of the time. The Titan 3L Basic Waterproof cover has ultrasonically welded seams to prevent water penetration, and its sophisticated SFS material has an inner micro-film material that allows it to be waterproof, but also breathable to prevent the mold and mildew damage. The Titan 3L Basic Waterproof cover will block your car, truck, station wagon, van, or SUV from all rain and other precipitation, and at a very low cost. This cover comes with a free 3 year warranty.

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