Not what I expected

Location: Rising Sun, Maryland

Product Purchased: The Grey Max Car Cover

Reviewer Comments: I expected this cover to be cumbersome, but was surprised at how lightweight it was and the ease of putting it on the car. Elastic bottom keeps a tight fit on the car. Had to cut a hole for the antenna (which I didn't want to do) but was surprised at how easy that was too, Empire supplies two patches for this and I had no problem. My antenna is on the roof and angles back and flares out at the bottom. I cut the hole and enlarged the hole in the patches. It rained for over a week right after I got this cover and some pretty good winds with the Nor-east'er we were having. No water got in or through the cover that I can tell. I have a water leak problem in my car and can't find the source. This Empire cover acted like the mail man rain, wind nothing would affect it. I am very happy with this cover. Thinking of getting one for the SUV to keep the pine needles and tree sap off of the car and out of the vents.