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About the Bionic Boat Cover:

  • BIONIC® Ripstop outer layer that has UV resistant finish and is waterproof
  • 100% waterproof and breathable inner layer
  • Multi-layer cover produced using the patented Bionic thread structure
  • Research driven design for waterproof, UV protection and tensile strength
  • Microfiber fleece interior will not scratch paint, chrome or equipment
  • More refined and better protection than marine acrylic covers
  • First ever high performance boat cover made from eco-yarn
  • Sewn in venting system
  • Buckle and strap system for secure trailering
  • 7 year warranty!
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About EmpireCovers:

Since 2004, EmpireCovers has specialized in manufacturing and selling high quality covers for cars, trucks, boats and other vehicles. The company is constantly broadening its areas of expertise while creating products to ensure the best vehicle protection on the market. Currently, EmpireCovers sells over 600 state-of-the-art protective covers. EmpireCovers is able to cover 99% of all vehicles on the road thanks to their semi-custom fit. For online shopping, resources or to learn more, visit