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Rated 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
  • Kept Leaky cabriolet dry in all weather. by Erik Date: 2011-03-25 Rating: 4 star rating 4 out of 5
    Outdoor winter Storage in MA of Leaky old VW Cabriolet. Stayed nicely dry and clean. Much more convenient than the blue plastic tarp, and prettier too. But....Needed added grommets and more secure straps to stay on in the wind.
  • Money well spent by Sheri Date: 2010-10-26 Rating: 5 star rating 5 out of 5
    I do not have a garage to park my cars in. One of my cars is a 1998 VW Cabrio convertible. The top needs to be replaced. Until I'm able to replace it, this cover is keeping my car protected from bad weather that could seep into the automible and ruin the interior and the electrical components.
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Cover your VOLKSWAGEN Cabriolet with Empire! Whether your VOLKSWAGEN Cabriolet sits outside in the hot sun or protected in your garage, EmpireCovers has a car cover for you. Our car covers start at $55.99, so you can get full protection for your Cabriolet for less!