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What Size Snowmobile Cover Do I Need?

Snowmobiles are extremely versatile and fun. While your ride is made to withstand great impact and maneuver through rugged terrain, it also needs to be protected.

EmpireCovers Snowmobile Cover

Driving in the snow is what snowmobiles were built for! It’s even in their name – snow-mobile, but exposure over a long period of time causes irreversible damage to your sled. Purchasing a snowmobile cover is a simple and affordable solution to prevent rust and other damage.

EmpireCovers offers protective snowmobile covers that will keep your sled in its best shape. To get the best protection, it is important to purchase the best fit. All EmpireCovers products offer a semi-custom fit for great protect at a reasonable price. EmpireCovers snowmobile covers come in three sizes:

  • Medium: 115” L x 51” W x 48” H
  • Large: 130” L x 51” W x 48” H
  • Extra Large: 145” L x 51” W x 48” H

Before you guess which size you need, measure your snowmobile!

How Do I Measure My Snowmobile?

Measuring your snowmobile is vital to ensure you receive the best fit for ultimate protection. Simply measure up and over the snowmobile’s windshield and handlebars to the back of the sled. Now you know the length and you’re able to choose the size!

What Is My Snowmobile Cover Made Of?

All EmpireCovers waterproof snowmobile covers are made from weather resistant polyester. The outer layer of the cover provides ultimate protection from the elements while the inside is nonabrasive and will not damage your sled.

About the Author

Courtney Iovanovich is an automotive expert and the Public Relations Specialist for EmpireCovers. Growing up near Detroit, she is the granddaughter to three General Motors factory workers. After graduating from Wayne State University, Courtney moved out to Philadelphia to work for EmpireCovers.

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