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Why Buy a Semi-Custom Fit Car Cover?

Each time you look at your vehicle, you get a sense of pleasure and satisfaction. But that good feeling can quickly fade the first time you notice a new dent or scratch. To help protect your investment and keep your vehicle looking like it did the day you bought it, consider buying a semi custom fit car cover, van cover, truck cover, or SUV cover. A semi custom fit car cover will prevent scratches and dents, protect your paint from hail and other inclement weather, deter thieves, and shield your vehicle's finish from the elements. Here are some specific reasons why you should buy a semi custom fit car cover for your car, truck, van, or SUV:

Dust-repellant: Believe it or not, seemingly harmless dust can become abrasive when it sits on the delicate layer of paint on your vehicle, causing tiny scratches. Even if your car is parked safely in a garage, dust is still a threat. Both indoor car covers and outdoor car covers will protect your vehicle from harsh dust and shield it from other elements at the same time.

Scratch and dent protection: When a shopping cart comes barreling toward your new car, truck, van, or SUV, or a child swings the passenger-side door open too quickly, nothing can stop your car from getting dented or scratched except for a semi custom fit car cover. A semi custom fit cover will add a crucial layer of padding between potential destruction and your vehicle. So when the shopping cart or car door hits, the semi custom fit car cover will cushion the blow.

Theft deterrence: The last thing a car thief wants to do is attract attention to himself as he's making a steal. And that is exactly what he will do if he has to remove a car before he breaks in. A semi custom car cover with the secure Cable & Lock kit, can be even more effective than The Club or an alarm system when it comes to deterring thieves, and if you pair a car cover with one of these anti-theft devices, it will be virtually impossible for a would-be thief to break into or steal your vehicle.

Shelter from birds: The next time a bird decides to relieve himself while flying over your car, truck, van, or SUV you won't be forced to run your vehicle through the car wash multiple times. With a semi custom fit outdoor car cover, your car and its paintjob will be well shielded from bird droppings. Outdoor car covers are specially designed to repel bird droppings, and they are made from a robust fabric that will not be damaged by the acidity.

Tree protection: Between the acorns, sap, leaves, and pollen, trees can literally make a mess of your vehicle. But if you have the protection of an outdoor car cover, you can park under a sappy tree full of berries and your vehicle will look as though it just pulled out of a garage.

Versatility: Whether you drive a car in sunny California or a truck in snowy Alaska, there is a semi custom car cover to fit your vehicle like a glove and provide the protection from birds, trees, dust, thieves, and scratches and dents. EmpireCovers offers a range of waterproof car covers, SUV car covers,limousine covers, outdoor car covers, indoor car covers, van covers, and truck covers; we have cover options that are the perfect size for 99% of all Cars, Trucks, SUVS, Vans, Station Wagons, Motorcycles, and ATVs.

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