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How do I put my cover on?
  1. Identify the front and rear of your cover: the front is marked "FRONT", and the rear has a loop sewn into the hem.
  2. Place the loop around the license plate or any other object protruding from the rear of your vehicle. You can also place your loop inside the trunk, which you should then close to secure.
  3. Next, cover you vehicle from back to front, securing firmly and evenly over the front and rear bumpers. Be sure to secure your cover with grommets and the Cable & Lock kit.

How do I clean my cover?

We recommend spot washing your cover with diluted mild detergent in cold or lukewarm water.

Your cover can also be machine washed. However, you must use a front load triple commercial washer with cold water. Use 1/4 cup of mild detergent for best results. Be sure to rinse your cover thoroughly. Do not put cover in the dryer. Line or air-dry your cover.

How do I take cover off?

Release both the front and back ends of the cover from your vehicle. Begin folding both ends towards the middle of your vehicle (folds should measure twelve inches wide). Fold the cover three times at the center. Removing your cover this way will allow you to remove your cover quickly, and assist in fitting it back into its included storage bag.

What happens if my cover rips?

If your cover rips under normal use, within the first 30 days we can exchange the item for you; outside of that 30 days you will be able to claim your warranty and the item will be replaced.

What if my antenna doesn't retract or remove?

Your cover should have come with a small patch made of the same material, with an adhesive backing and a perforated hole in the center. This will allow you to create a reinforced hole in your cover for your antenna to come through.

  1. Begin covering your vehicle with the cover you purchased, but stop at the antenna.
  2. Mark the spot on your cover.
  3. Apply the adhesive-backed antenna patch to that spot (on top of the cover) then cut a hole smaller than the diameter of the perforated hole of the antenna patch for your antenna to come through.

How do I install my grommets?

Grommets should be used in conjunction with the Cable & Lock kit to secure your cover during high winds or storms, or for long periods of time.

Your grommets come as two separate pieces that lock together. There is a male piece and a female piece. You will snap the grommets together through the cover material, which requires some force. To accomplish this, you may need to use a pair of wrenches, although it is possible to do without. We have illustrated instructions available upon request.

  1. Identify the male and female parts of your grommet.
  2. Position the male grommet part on the inside of your cover, and the female part of your grommet on the outside of your cover, leaving a small excess of cover material between the two.
  3. Using a good amount of force, snap the two pieces together. You may need to use a pair of wrenches (one to stabilize, one to apply force) in order to accomplish this, although it is possible to snap them together without using any tools.
  4. After the grommet pieces have been snapped securely together, use scissors or a sharp edge to puncture the cover (be sure to leave a small amount of material around wall of the male piece of the grommet).
  5. Repeat as necessary with any additional grommets you wish to install. To use with a Cable & Lock Kit, you will need to install grommets as PAIRS, and loop the Cable & Lock Kit through each grommet hole.

Click here to View our Simple Grommet Instructions (PDF).

How do I use the Cable & Lock kit?

Thread the plastic-coated steel wire underneath the vehicle through the grommets. Pull the smaller loop of the cable through the larger loop and use the lock to secure it. If you have any questions about using your Cable & Lock kit, please call us at 888.872.6855 .

What fabrics are your covers made of?

We have 5 distinct fabrics for our covers. They are as follows:

  1. Spun-Bond Polypropylene: A space-age material perfect for car protection, this material is easy to take on and off your vehicle. The material's synthetic fibers make the cover non-abrasive, so you won't have to worry about scratching your vehicle's paint.
  2. SFS (Spun-Bond Polypropylene, Film, Spun-Bond Polypropylene): This material consists of three breathable layers that are UV treated to protected against the sun's harmful rays. The inner layer is soft, to prevent scratches to your paint.
  3. Endura-Plus: This 3 layer material is water-resistant and will also protect again other harmful outdoor elements, including sun, dirt, and dust. Material also comes with double-stitched seams for added water protection.
  4. DuPont Tyvek™: An Ultra-lightweight, super soft material with very high sun resistance and double stitched seams. Made in the USA by DuPont, the Tyvek material is completely recyclable and will keep your vehicle up to 30 degrees cooler in the hot sun.
  5. Polyester: A high quality, breathable, and durable material with superior sun, rain, and snow resistance with double stitched seams to ensure long-life.
  6. Nylon: Nylon by definition is a tough yet lightweight synthetic material that was developed as a replacement for silk. We use high-quality nylon with superior sun, rain, snow and dust protection and double-stitched seams to ensure long life and durability.
  7. TAFFETA: A strong woven material that has been UV treated for weather resistance. This anti-static material provides non-abrasive, almost silky car protection.

How do I register my warranty?

If you bought an Empire product, you can easily register your warranty by filling out the warranty sheet that was shipped with your item and mailing it to the manufacturer, or by visiting the manufacturer's website.

How long is my warranty?

Our warranties range from 2 to 10 years depending of the product and fabric. See below for a full list of our products and warranties:

Vehicle Covers:
  • American Armor: 10 Years
  • Titan 5L Ultimate Waterproof: 7 Years
  • Titan Indoor: 4 Years
  • American Max Cover: 7 Years
  • Titan 3L Basic Waterproof: 4 Years
  • Titan Desert Shield: 4 Years
  • Titan 3L Basic: 2 Years
Power Sport Covers:
  • ATV Covers: 2-3 Years
  • Snowmobile Covers: 2 Years
  • Titan 4L Max Waterproof Motorcycle Cover: 4 Years
  • American Armor Cover: Lifetime
  • The Standard Motorcycle Cover: 2 Years
  • The VIPS Motorcycle Cover: 5 Years
  • The Waterproof Motorcycle Cover: 3 Years
Boat Covers
  • Aqua Armor 1200 Boat Cover: 7 Years
  • Triton 600 Boat Cover: 7 Years
  • Silver Shark 300 Boat Cover: 3 Years
  • Silver Fin 150 Boat Cover: 2 Years
  • Bimini Tops: 3 Years
  • Personal Watercraft Cover: 2 Years
Will my cover last in extreme weather?

We offer a variety of outdoor covers that excel in different environments so that you're covered no matter what the weather. Your cover should withstand just about anything Mother Nature can dish out, however there are a few instances where you should be more alert and take extra precautions.

High Winds: If you are located in a high wind area, make sure to tie down your cover using the grommets provided. You should also purchase a Cable & Lock kit for added security. Do not rely solely on the elasticized bottom of you cover to provide maximum protection from strong wind.

Freezing Weather: In unusual circumstances, a layer of ice may form between your vehicle and the cover. This layer of ice must be thawed before removing your cover. You may expedite this process by pouring warm water over the cover and gently lifting it as the ice begins to melt. If any resistance occurs, repeat the process.

Extreme Heat: In areas that are known for very high temperatures and harsh sun (like Southern California, Arizona, and Texas), some cover fabrics are not appropriate or effective and may in fact melt under such circumstances. Before purchasing a cover, speak with an Empire Sales Representative about which cover would be right for you.

Do your covers have mirror pockets?

No. Our covers do not have mirror pockets. Mirror pockets are prone to rip or depreciate and can wreak havoc on the longevity of your cover. We want our customers to get superior durability from our covers. This is why we produce covers that will accommodate your vehicle's mirrors without pocketing them.

Have more Questions?

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