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Practicalities to Consider when Selecting a Car Cover

First of all, let’s get something cleared up – you don’t need to own a car to be looking at a car cover – you could be looking to protect your truck or SUV, a boat, or in fact any type of vehicle which is being stored for any length of time and needs to be protected from the elements and environmental factors which can and will, drastically reduce the value of your investment and degrade the looks and appearance.

You need to consider the protection aspects of a car cover for sure but there are other things you need to take into consideration as well. Have you ever tried to fly a kite in very windy weather? Ever try to put up a tent in a storm? Do you get the idea that you also have to buy a car cover you will actually be able to use in a variety of conditions – just picture the scene, it's dark, it's wet and there is a storm blowing up and you need to put your car cover on or even worse, take it off so you can get inside and drive to where you need to get to! How easy will it be to handle the car cover you are thinking about using?

This will guide you to buying a light weight and easily managed car cover but then you also have to consider how well the car cover will protect your vehicle from the effects of heat. A light weight car cover will trap heat and this will in turn affect how fast water corrodes your paint and bodywork; excess heat will also lead to issues with engine performance, electrical and fluid based systems. In short, you need to make sure the car cover will provide a degree of insulation protection from heat. A thick cover will be better at doing this than a light-weight car cover as it will prevent the environment from actually heating up the vehicle itself.

So you have a conundrum; you want a light-weight and easy-to-handle cover so you can actually use it when you need it but at the same time, you are also looking for a heavy-weight car cover which will provide robust protection and insulation.

Consider this as well; a hard-wearing car cover may be manufactured from coarse materials and fabrics – do you really want something that feels like sandpaper to your touch coming into contact with pristine paint work? You need to make sure the car cover provides a "soft-touch" for where it comes into contact with your vehicle. This will avoid the car cover scratching the paint work and reducing the value of the car or vehicle which is what you are looking to avoid in the first instance by buying a cover.

While you are looking for a soft-touch on the inside of the cover, you are definitely looking for a cover which will provide a layer of protection to so dings and scratches are not caused by knocks and bumps. Children kicking a ball or a tree branch falling in a storm will cause serious nuisance damage to the looks and aesthetic feel of your car and make a serious dent in the value so the car cover must be tough enough to withstand knocks from a variety of sources.