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When your car, truck, station wagon, van, or SUV sits parked outdoors, there are a number of elements that can scratch, dent, or dull your vehicle's paint and finish. Dust can become abrasive and scratch your vehicle. Bird droppings can stick to your car's paint, making it difficult to remove without damage. Over time, wind, rain and snow can wear away your paint's finish and make it look dull. With an outdoor car cover, you can protect your trusted vehicle from these and other elements that threaten it when it's parked outside.

No matter if you live on the sunny and rainy California coast, the snowy Alaskan shore, or in the hot Texas sun, EmpireCovers has the perfect outdoor car cover to meet your needs. Here are some of the outdoor car covers you can choose from:

Titan 5L Ultimate Waterproof Cover: Our Titan 5L Ultimate Waterproof cover is made from 5 premium layers. There are three layers of waterproof Polypropylene material protecting an interior waterproof membrane while the layer touching the paint is made from a nonabrasive fleece material. This cover is ideal for all-weather protection, including rain, sun, snow, dust and dirt. Cover is equipped with a built in strap and buckle system to keep it secure even in the harshest weather conditions.

Titan 3L Basic Waterproof Cover: the Titan 3L Basic Waterproof cover is the best waterproof outdoor car cover available. While most waterproof outdoor car covers trap moisture and condensation against the vehicle, which causes damage such as mold and mildew, the Titan 3L Basic Waterproof outdoor car cover offers a sophisticated SFS micro-pore technology that allows condensation to escape as evaporated gas, giving your car moisture protection inside and out. And the Empire 100% Waterproof outdoor car cover's ultrasonically welded seams prevent water penetration.

Titan Desert Shield Cover: For drivers whose main concern is the sun, the Titan Desert Shield outdoor car cover keeps vehicles cool and clean with great protection and over 99 percent solar efficiency. Because it blocks 99.8 percent of the sun's rays, the Titan Desert Shield cover is a particularly good choice if you live in a sunny area of the country. In addition to offering superior protection for your car, truck, station wagon, van, or SUV, all of the outdoor car covers at EmpireCovers come with a warranty, storage pouch, tie down grommets, full elastic hem around the whole cover, and an antenna patch.

To keep your vehicle safe from the elements and secure from thieves, give it the protection it deserves—an Empire outdoor car cover. Empire has a low price guarantee, with car covers starting at $55.99, and truck and SUV covers starting at $76.99 Our outdoor car covers are covered by the longest warranties on the internet. To start protecting your vehicle right away, call 888.872.6855 or CLICK HERE