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Motorcycle Covers for Protection

Motorcycles are great vehicles when you truly want to experience the great outdoors. If you live in a house with a garage, then storing and protecting your motorcycle is an easy task to do. By storing it in the garage, you protect it mainly from weather damage. But what if you live in an apartment complex with no garage or a house with no garage? Fortunately you still have a choice when it comes to storing your motorcycle. Consider using a motorcycle cover for protection against the weather.

The first thing you need to realize about motorcycle covers is that not all covers are made the same. Most riders believe that you can go to your local retail store, buy a cheap motorcycle cover, and expect it to do and act the same as a cover you would by at a motorcycle shop. The truth of the matter is- you get what you pay for. In other words, if you pay for a cheap cover, then you get cheap quality and a cover that won't last very long at all. However if you put the money into a good motorcycle cover, then chances are it will last you a long while.

Cheap motorcycle covers that you get from your local retail store are not much more than a plastic, royal blue, tarp cover. This type of cover will tie at the bottom of the bike with elastic hooks. A high-quality cover is custom fit to your motorcycle so it fits snuggly around the bike to protect it from weather and flying debris.

A lot of motorcycle covers are made to be resistant to water, as well as to repel water or to have UV protection to prevent the harmful rays from damaging the paint job on your motorcycle. However motorcycle covers are not 100% resistant to water for the simple fact that the cover needs to be able to breathe and to get rid of any moisture that may be under the cover. This prevents the bike from getting any rust and rot. The exterior of the motorcycle cover will keep water away while the interior of the cover lets the moisture escape to keep your bike dry.

The sun's UV rays can damage any part of your motorcycle from your paint job to your leather seats to your hoses- the sun can even damage your leather gloves if you ride hard and ride every day. Motorcycle Covers can protect against all of that. The cover can also keep your seat cool from the summer sun.

Not only does a cover protect again the sun's rays and rain, but it can also protect again the snow and ice, bird feces, tree sap, tree branches that may fall, and may even protect your tires against a stray dog that decides to use the bathroom on your tires.

So what type of cover do you need to get? There are several companies that make a heavy-duty cover for your motorcycle. These types of covers may come with vents, heat shields, and a surface that is waterproof. This cover is very heavy and durable and may come with locked hems that will allow you to protect your motorcycle.

If you are a travelling motorcyclist, you can find covers that are still durable but not as heavy duty. These types of covers come with a bag in which the cover can be stored. Other types of covers are half-covers, bikini tops, or shades that are made just for the summertime. Covers also protect your motorcycle from potential thieves as they can't see what is under the cover.

Pricing for covers are relatively reasonable, ranging anywhere from forty to eighty dollars. But by putting the money into a motorcycle cover, your bike will have years of protection and will look as good as new for as long as you have your cover.

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