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The Woes of Custom Car Covers

Custom car covers are designed to fit specific makes and models of cars. A custom car cover will conform to the body shape and contours of your car. However, custom car covers are usually very expensive, often twice the cost of a semi-custom car cover. Also, custom car covers require more stitching, which means more holes in the fabric. Mirror pockets are usually the first part of the cover to rip or deteriorate. That is why semi-custom fit covers are a much better investment.

In most cases cars with similar body types may use the same car cover but it will still fit all models snuggly and securely. Our semi-custom car covers protect just as well as custom car covers, and often at half the cost. Our car covers are made to be water resistant and to help protect your car when it is parked outside whether it is in a parking lot or in your driveway. There are many things that can harm your car’s finish, including animals, pedestrians, and natural hazards. If you park under trees for the shade you could end up with tree sap all over your car.

Tree sap can be very difficult to get off of a car without messing up the paint. An outdoor car cover can prevent the sap from reaching your paint finish. Bird droppings are very damaging to your car’s paint because of their acidic properties. They can cause discoloration of the paint and can even eat through the paint. A car cover can prevent the bird dropping from sitting on your car and causing damage.

Another element that is found outdoors that can cause damage to your car’s paint finish is acid rain. Acid rain refers to the acidic elements in rain, fog, dew or snow which comes from air pollutants. The main sources of these air pollutants come from vehicles and industrial plants and factories.

The harmful UV rays from the sun can fade and crack your car's paint finish. The rays of the sun can also damage the interior of your car, especially the dashboard. Most outdoor car covers have heat reflective properties which protect your vehicle from the harmful sun. In the summertime a light color outdoor cover will also keep the interior of your car cooler.

There are outdoor covers designed to keep out the dirt and dust that can be abrasive to your car’s surface. Dirt and dust may seem harmless but in actuality it contains tiny particles of sand and dirt that can scratch the surface of your car. A heavy duty outdoor car cover which is especially designed to have multiple layers will keep the tiny dirt particles from reach your car.

An occasional rain will not pose any real threat to your car but if your car sits outside unprotected all the time in the rain it can damage your car’s paint and body. Rain that is allowed to sit on the car can get into tiny scratches and start corroding away the metal of your car body. If you use a water resistant outdoor car cover you will keep your car dry and protected.

In the winter time it is not the cold that can ruin your car’s paint finish it is the moisture and salt. The combination of these two corrosive elements can cause havoc to your paint job. If you use a water resistant outdoor cover you will help protect your car in the cold winter months. Just remember to clean off your car before you cover it so it will stay looking like new. So before you spend the extra money on a custom car cover, take a look at our selection of semi-custom covers.