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Car Cover Protection Factors to Consider

Buying a car cover is one of the most inexpensive automobile purchases you are going to make while also being the single investment in car care that will yield the greatest results – a car cover will protect your vehicle from the elements and even worse…children!

Cars depreciate fast and their looks will depreciate even faster unless you care for your pride and joy with regular maintenance and cleaning but before you start on the remedial work, consider preventing deterioration by protecting the vehicle.

Rain and snow contain numerous pollutants and aside from causing rust, acidic elements will actively attack your paint job making the paint work look unappealing and shoddy. How the paint job looks is a major factor in determining the visual appeal of your car so make sure you keep as much water off of it as is possible. Short of keeping your car in a garage, a car cover is the best protection you can buy.

Make sure your car cover is has a low permeability factor – that is, it will allow water to pass through but only very slowly – this allows the air to circulate underneath the cover so damp air carrying moisture is able to pass through it and away from your car underneath. This will help prevent mold and mildew building up as well as rusting due to water accumulating. At the same time, because it only allows water to pass through slowly, rain water and snow melt are washed off and dry long before it has the ability to pass through the cover to get at the car underneath.

The car cover also must have a good UV-protection factor – just as we suffer from the effects of the sun's harmful rays, even when we are wearing clothes, your vehicle will feel the effects as well. Red paintwork in particular, is highly susceptible to fading due to the effects of the sun and your car cover must afford a high degree of sun factor protection, especially if the vehicle is stored out in the open and exposed to sunlight.

The inside of the car cover should be soft to the touch so it does not create any scratch marks on the paint job. A frequently overlooked advantage of a car cover is the anti-theft factor. Many thieves are opportunistic – they look for open windows and unlocked vehicles as a prime target, and will smash a window in seconds if they see valuable possessions on a car seat.

By using a well fitted car cover, thieves will instantly be unable to see what is inside the vehicle and even if they are of a mind to try to steal something, they will be deterred by the fact that the car cover will impede their crime, making it more likely they will be detected and caught. Cars fitted with car covers are unlikely to be the object of thieves attentions nor of vandals intent on simply causing damage. In addition, the car cover should be robust enough to provide protection from minor damage caused by children playing near to the car or falling branches from nearby trees.

Finally, you should ensure the car cover is easily fitted and stored away when not in use. If you are using the car regularly and putting the cover on and off frequently, you may want to look at using a lightweight cover which does not take a lot of room when it is stored in your trunk. If the car is being left for significant lengths of time you may be advised to invest in a heavy duty cover which will better withstand the elements and provide a higher degree of physical protection.