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Car Cover Methodology

Car Covers are a practical way to help protect your vehicle from the many elements that could harm the paint. A cover will protect your car from harsh weather conditions, dust and dirt, and bird droppings. Car covers come in a variety of styles and sizes to fit almost every make and model of vehicle. They are easy to use and can be put on and taken off quickly.

To put the cover on your vehicle you should cover the roof and windows first. Then you can cover the front and rear of the car. To take off the cover you should fold each side of the cover up onto the roof. You should then start at the front of the vehicle and start rolling the cover up as you walk towards the back of the car.

The best way to store your car cover is in the storage bag that comes with your cover. If you just ball-up the cover it takes up more space and is harder to put back on the vehicle. You should always make sure the car cover is dry before putting it into a storage bag.

The most important reason to use a semi-custom fit car cover is that it will cover your vehicle snuggly and won't be flapping in the wind. Most quality semi-custom car covers are made with elastic material sewn into the bottom at the front and back of the cover to make the cover secure. For added protection against thieves and the elements you can get a car cover cable and lock.

Our car covers will fit the make and model of your vehicle. We offer several sizes for 99% of vehicles. Our sizes are designed to fit a wide selection of makes, models and years. Our covers are made from extra wide material panels to decrease the number of seams used in the cover. The reason for this is to give the cover a smooth sleek looking design.

A car cover can pick up a lot of dirt and grime. This is especially true if it is an outdoor cover. You will want to wash your cover to keep it clean and to make it last longer. We recommend spot washing your cover with diluted mild detergent in cold or lukewarm water. Our car covers can also be machine washed –however, you must use a front load triple commercial washer with cold water, 1/4 cup mild liquid laundry detergent. RINSE THOUROUGHLY. NEVER PUT YOUR COVER IN A DRYER. Line or air dry your cover.

You can also spray down your cover when it is on the vehicle. If the cover has a level of water resistance, you won't need to worry about water seeping through, If you want to clean the inside of the cover just turn it inside out and put it on the car and spray it down. Car covers are easy to maintain and will protect your valuable vehicle from harsh environments.