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We're Proud of Our American Products

At EmpireCovers, we sell a wide array of quality products. Our products range from car, boat, truck, and SUV covers, to patio furniture covers and accessories. Many of the products we sell are made, manufactured, and shipped in the United States. American made products are not only better quality, but they also help to boost our country‚Äôs economy. We are proud to announce that our American Armor, American MAX™ and Titan Desert Shield covers are manufactured entirely in the USA.

The American Armor cover is our best-selling all-American product, and it is unique to EmpireCovers. The American Armor cover is made from an ultra-lightweight, ultra-soft DuPont Tyvek® material (the same material used to insulate houses). This cover is fully waterproof and features an incredibly soft micro-fiber lining.

The American Max™ cover provides top-of-the-line protection against sun, heavy rain, ice, snow, and dust. This is also out most popular cover in areas such as California, Florida, and Texas. The American Max cover also has three layers of Endura Plus protection that provides breathability, water and UV resistance. This cover is available for trucks, SUVs, vans, station wagons, and limousines.

The Titan Desert Shield Cover is made from a layer of high-tech DuPont Tyvek and is a must for hot or sunny climates. This cover is very lightweight and provides top sun protection. The material is highly UV resistant and has up to 99.8% solar efficiency, which keeps your car temperature cooler (up to 30 degrees!) and protects your paint from fading.

Why buy American? Producing products in the United States provides jobs for those in industries such as manufacturing, customer service and retail. Another perk to having American made products is the quality assurance. These products have at least a ten year warranty, the American Armor having the best with a lifetime guarantee. We stand by our products and can assure that you're getting the best anyone could make. If you are unsure, look for the American Flag icon on our products! Buy an American made American Armor, American Max™ or Titan Desert Shield cover.